Chicken – How to cut it up

With a little practice, you can reduce a bird to its useful parts in 15 minutes, but there is a learning curve.


First cut off the wings by bending each wing away from the breast to find the joint and then to cut through it.  Save the wings for the stock pot.

Next cut off the legs and thighs by slicing through the skin between the thigh and breast, and then bending the leg and thigh back to reveal the joint and cutting through it.

Cut through the joint between the leg and thigh.  Cut the meat off by making a single cut down each bone, then pulling the flesh to one side and scraping the meat off the bone. Remove the skin. Remove the largest sinews from the leg meat.  Save the meat for grinding into chicken balls or cut up into small squares (1/3rd of an inch across) for soup. Toss the bones and skin in the stock pot.


Take the skin off the breasts and, using a sharp knife cut, down the breast bone and peel the breast off the bone on one side and then the other. Try to cut around the wish bone.

One Response to Chicken – How to cut it up

  1. Galen Koch says:

    We would love a video of how to cut up chicken! (Hint, hint)

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