GC #50 – Decorating cookies

Cookies on PlatesLike everything else in life, doing a good job on decorating cookies requires good ingredients and tools. The artistic side is easy!

Decorating BrushesTools

Brushes for covering a whole cookie (one for each color and a couple of extra)

Brushes for highlights

Wooden skewers for highlights

IngredientsDecorating Icing

Here’s an absurd collection of decorating balls, stars, bursts and colored sugars. Sugar is great preservative, so this stuff lasts forever. Get high quality. Small amounts go a long way on cookies.

High quality color dies can cost $5 and $6 for a tiny bottle, but (if you can keep them from drying out) they last forever, and you can get beautiful colors.

Fondant & IcingPowdered sugar is okay as a base, but more Meringue Powderhighly refined powdered sugars are even better and make a smooth, shinny finish.



Traditionally, highlights would be done with a pastry nags and decorative tips, but its not easy and it wastes a lot of icing. Today, you can Cookies in Boxesbuy small tubes of highlight colors and squeeze them out. Works like a charm.

About Christopher Koch

Christopher Koch is a journalist and filmmaker who is now teaching at Montgomery Community College
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