My Premise

These are hard times for many Americans and it’s not likely that times will get better any time soon for anyone but the super rich. It’s tempting to look for the cheapest food in the supermarket and the fast food chains.   It’s hard to justify $5.00 a pint organic Brussels sprouts when you could buy a double Mac for about the same price at a local McDonald’s. Don’t despair.


There is a great deal of mystification around cooking, but in fact once you master a few basic technics, you can cook healthy meals in a huge variety of styles, and you can save a fortune by using basic, unprepared ingredients.  That gives you the added advantage of using locally grown food, whenever possible.  My priorities for ingredients are: best, locally grown organic; second best, locally grown; and third best, organic that isn’t local.  I believe in supporting my local agriculture first, even if some farmers are not yet organic farmers.  The pressure is on them to give up chemicals, and they are likely to do so as information and expertise about organic technics spreads. I try to eat locally and avoid food shipped in from Chile and China at some cost to the planet in carbon pollution.


About Christopher Koch

Christopher Koch is a journalist and filmmaker who is now teaching at Montgomery Community College
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